How To Set Up Multiple WordPress Sites On Godaddy Hosting

In this video I thoroughly explain how to set up multiple WordPress sites within your Godaddy C panel hosting. For majority of the non tech-savvy population it can be frustrating trying to navigate through the backend but I’ve broken it down to where anyone at any level can do it. I recently called GoDaddy and sat on the phone for numerous hours with a rep trying to figure this out, all of his collateral didn’t have an end to end guide on how to set it up and this is exactly how we did it after a little investigating. 

How To Set Up Your WordPress Sites

  1. Login to GoDaddy and Navigate to “My Products”
  2. Open your Hosting tab and Click Manage (repeat)
  3. Once in C Panel click ‘Add-on Domains’ (top left corner)
  4. Enter the desired domain address and folder then click ‘Add Domain’
  5. One the domain has been added click the home tab
  6. Under ‘Your Building Tools’ click ‘Installatron Applications’
  7. Click ‘Applications Browser’ (top right)
  8. Under ‘Content Management’ select ‘WordPress’
  9. Click the button ‘Install this application’
  10. Select your Add-on Domain 
  11. Set up your preferences 
Its as easy as pie, once your finished there you can go to your domains /wp-admin/ to finish installing a theme and your set.